Strong Relationship Since 1949

Boeing has been a strong partner of Indonesia’s aerospace industry for more than 70 years. Boeing’s relationship with the Republic of Indonesia dates back to 1949 when Garuda Indonesia, the country’s national carrier, began operations flying special transports with a Douglas DC-3. Today, Boeing’s airplanes serve as a backbone for the country’s airlines.

Alongside a Commercial Airplanes Field Services office that Boeing operates at Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, the company opened its corporate office in Jakarta in 2021.

737-9 in flight

Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Indonesia

737 MAX 10 in flight

Boeing supports Indonesia’s commercial aviation sector with the most innovative and fuel-efficient airplanes. Garuda Indonesia, throughout its history, has ordered more than 150 Boeing airplanes. During a time of growth and expansion in the 1960s, Garuda took delivery of Douglas DC-8 jets, followed by the introduction of the DC-9, DC-10, and 747-200 in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, Garuda Indonesia operates a mixed fleet that includes Next-Generation 737-800s and 777-300ERs (Extended Range) and the 737 MAX 8.

The Lion Air Group began operations in June 2000 with a leased 737-200 and is today the largest domestic operator in Indonesia. The privately-owned company was the 737-900ER launch customer and received the world’s first 737-900ER in April 2007. The Lion Air Group is also the launch customer for the 737 MAX 9. Lion Air Group subsidiary Malindo Air took delivery of the first 737 MAX 8 in May 2017. Today, the Lion Air Group, through its mainline Lion Air and its subsidiaries Malindo Air, Batik Air and Thai Lion, operate more than 180 Boeing airplanes, including the Next-Generation 737-800, 737-900ER and the 737 MAX 8. Sriwijaya Air, the third largest airline in Indonesia, operates an all-Boeing fleet of 737 Classic and Next-Generation 737 airplanes. The privately held airline took delivery of its first two all-new 737-900ERs in August 2015. In 2014, the government of Indonesia took delivery of the country’s first-ever presidential plane, a Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ 2). With a range of more than 5,600 nautical miles (10,400 kilometers), the airplane enables government officials to comfortably and securely complete cross-continental trips.


Boeing Defense, Space & Security in Indonesia

Boeing was awarded contract to build Apache helicopters for Indonesia in 2015 and they were delivered in-country in late 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018. The Apache is the world’s leading multi-role attack helicopter.

Fleet modernization along with maritime intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance are key themes across the region and Boeing sees opportunities for these capabilities in Indonesia. Boeing's F-15EX is an affordable, ready-now solution that brings unmatched speed, range and payload capacity as Asia Pacific countries, including Indonesia, review modernization. Boeing's Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) and P-8 aircraft solutions encompass long range maritime reconnaissance capability.

Boeing continues to see the relevance for CH-47 Chinook to aid in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, search and rescue and general mobility needs across remote islands and ocean territories in the region.

AH-64D Apache in flight

Boeing Global Services

Commercial customers in Indonesia use a variety of Global Services solutions to support and maintain their fleets. Digital solutions including Airplane Health Management, Maintenance Performance Toolbox and flight deck solutions help optimize aircraft performance and increase efficiency. Access to Global Services’ global supply chain footprint for spare parts, chemicals and other service needs ensures materials are available when and where they are needed.

Global Engagement in Indonesia

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement and advocacy efforts, Boeing supports partnerships and programs that align with our business, create value and help build better communities. Boeing charitable grants drive positive, lasting change in the communities where our employees and their families live and work around the world.

Boeing deepened its community engagement with Indonesia when it began to actively participate in community initiatives and consistently supporting NGOs on various projects focusing on environment, education and social services throughout the country.

In 2021, Boeing supported two environment projects; Bali Water Protection Programme (Selamatkan Air Tanah Bali) addressing the diminishing groundwater level on the island, and projects concentrating on Water, Sanitation, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Boeing supports social services projects for marginalized children, youth and caregivers in Jakarta and education support projects for students from grade K to12 who are not able to access online learning due to COVID-19 in West Java.

Comprehensive Social Services for Marginalized Children, Youth & Caregivers

Boeing supports Yayasan Teman Baik (Good Friends) in their program to improve the situations of children, youth and caregivers, including street living/working populations and those living in poor/squatter communities. Social instability is the obstacle to improving their situation. Children were supported to reintegrate into school. Youth and caregivers were supported to access trainings in both soft and hard skills with the aim to obtain decent work or own entrepreneur (support to start micro-enterprises is also provided).

Rural Indonesia STEM Learning

Boeing supports Kingdom Workers program to introduce STEM studies in local schools Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT). The main focus began in Math since the concept of time and calendars is pretty new. Training and working with staff and teachers to introduce STEM learning by providing teaching materials to make STEM subjects more enjoyable to learn and practice.

Smiling man, Indonesia IDEP-Bali, Indonesia

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