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2022 Sustainability Report

We are committed to regaining trust with our stakeholders through transparency, integrity and, above all else, safety. I see so much potential to continue to innovate and do more as we define a sustainable future of flight.”

Boeing is committed to protecting, connecting and exploring our world and beyond, safely and sustainably. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our company values and our stakeholders’ expectations. It encompasses our focus on environmental stewardship, social progress and inclusion as well as values-based, transparent governance. In our 2022 Sustainability Report, we provide a comprehensive view of Boeing’s achievements and progress over the past year as well as our path toward a sustainable aerospace future.

Chris Raymond

Chris Raymond
Chief Sustainability Officer

2021 Sustainable Aerospace Journey

Boeing innovated and partnered across the industry in 2021, making significant progress toward our industry’s net-zero ambitions and goals.



Committed to deliver 100% SAF-capable airplanes by 2030



Became founding member of MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium



Received ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence



Announced Alaska Airlines as 2021 ecoDemonstrator partner



  • Announced partnership with SkyNRG to scale availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels globally
  • Highlighted sustainable technologies at congressional event in Washington, D.C.


Showcased new technologies tested on ecoDemonstrator to STEM-focused students, part of the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program



  • Amplified SAF commitments during White House sustainability roundtable
  • Showcased sustainable technologies on ecoDemonstrator at Boeing Field in Seattle


  • Partnered with United Airlines on first passenger flight with 100% SAF in one engine
  • Partnered with Etihad Airways on sustainable flight
  • Partnered with Rolls-Royce on 100% SAF flight
  • Partnered with NASA Langley Research Center to test the emissions of SAF on ecoDemonstrator
  • Supported commercial aviation industry’s commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
  • Hosted Innovation Forum in Glasgow, convening industry to discuss decarbonizing aerospace within the region and globally


  • Became founding member of First Movers Coalition, partnering with leading companies to accelerate new technology development to reduce emissions
  • Hosted 2021 STEM event at San Francisco International Airport to showcase ecoDemonstrator’s sustainable technologies
  • Participated in COP26, highlighting our perspectives, innovations and partnerships for a more sustainable aerospace future
  • Expanded sustainability alliance with Etihad Airways


  • Conducted successful testing with NASA and DARPA on a large, fully composite, linerless cryogenic fuel tank with the capacity to hold 16,000 gallons (over 60,500 liters) of liquid hydrogen
  • Bought 2 million gallons (7.6 million liters) of SAF blended with EPIC Fuels to power Commercial Airplanes operations in Washington state and South Carolina through 2022
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Approach and Governance

Sustainability: Transparent and Accountable

We are engaging with our stakeholders, advancing our efforts in support of our sustainability goals, and continuing to learn, to mature our approaches, while reflecting our company values.

At our 2022 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, our Board recommended a vote in favor of — and our shareholders approved — a shareholder proposal requesting a report on if and how we meet the criteria of the Net Zero Indicator, which is defined as the Climate Action 100+ Benchmark’s Indicator 1. The requested report, evaluating and disclosing if and how we meet the criteria of the Net Zero Indicator, including Scope 3 Use of Sold Products emissions, is set forth in our Sustainability Report.
Net Zero Indicator

The Board of Directors has extensive oversight of strategy development, company culture, the company’s safety programs and initiatives, political and charitable contributions, corporate sustainability and key strategic, operational and compliance risks.

The Board oversees a variety of sustainability topics and in 2021, the Governance & Public Policy (GPP) Committee charter was amended to expressly include oversight of our practices relating to corporate sustainability, including matters related to environmental stewardship and climate change, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Chris Raymond is Boeing’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), a Boeing Executive Council position reporting to Boeing's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As CSO, Raymond reports the progress of Boeing’s sustainability objectives and stakeholder-oriented reports regularly to the GPP Committee and the full Board.

At Boeing, our first commitment is to the people and customers who rely on our products and services to protect, connect and explore our world and beyond. Each of us has a personal responsibility to honor that promise and to serve as stewards of our company’s legacy of aerospace excellence and innovation. New employees sign the Code of Conduct and complete Recommitment training when they join the company — and we all reaffirm this commitment every year.

Integrity is a core company value and Boeing strictly forbids bribery and corruption of any kind. Our Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights holds us accountable to responsible business practices and positive change. Boeing provides several confidential and anonymous reporting options for employees to report concerns, seek guidance or share ideas.

Embedding Sustainability at Boeing

We have organized our sustainability efforts around four key pillars: People, Products & Services, Operations and Communities.

Employee Safety and Well-Being
Global Aerospace Safety
Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Environmentally Responsible Operations
Community Engagement
Innovation and Clean Technology
Goal Targets and Accomplishments

There is nothing we can’t accomplish when we work together and lead with our values. At the end of the day, how we do our work is just as important as the work we do. It’s up to all of us to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards.”

Uma Amuluru

Uma Amuluru
Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President, Global Compliance


Healthy and Empowered

Our story starts with our people. We commit to advancing a collaborative, inclusive and globally diverse culture that creates unique careers in aerospace.

Read more about our people in the full report, including:

  • Employee safety
  • Employee well-being
  • Global equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Professional development, education and learning



Employee Safety and Well-Being

We value human life and well-being above all else and act accordingly; we strive to prevent all workplace injuries.

2030 Target

  • Top quartile Recordable Injury Rate (aligned to equivalent industry benchmarks)
  • ≥90% believe their manager supports their well-being

Global Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We strive to address representation gaps and strengthen equity, diversity and inclusion so that all team members feel supported and inspired to reach their full potential.

2030 Target

Increase representation of women globally and underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities in the U.S.


reduction of serious injuries from 2020 to 2021 (U.S., Canada and Australia)


of employees surveyed say their manager supports their overall well-being


total hours of employee training


increase in racial/ethnic minority representation within our U.S. workforce from 2020 to 2021

We are addressing shortages while bringing powerful new perspectives to our business from diverse skill sets and talent, which will strengthen our technical ecosystem.”

Michael Fors

Michael Fors
Executive Leader, Workforce Development
Boeing Learning & Development

Products and Services

Safe and Sustainable

We innovate for a better tomorrow. We demonstrate an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, integrity and sustainability in all that we do.

Read more about our products and services in the full report, including:

  • Aerospace safety
  • Sustainable product life cycle
  • Innovation and clean technology



Global Aerospace Safety

Drive aerospace safety to prevent accidents, injury or loss of life with our Boeing culture and actions rooted in safety.

2030 Target

Drive aerospace safety via global aerospace safety initiatives to maintain downward trend of worldwide commercial jet fleet 10 Year Moving Average Fatal Accident Rate.

Innovation and Clean Technology

We are enabling the transition to carbon neutral aerospace through investments and partnerships for fleet efficiency improvements, sustainable aviation fuel and future platform technologies.

2030 Target

  • Support the commercial aviation sector’s ambition to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for global civil aviation operations by 2050
  • Current and future commercial airplanes will be 100% SAF capable and certified
  • Build and certify our first zero-emission, electric, autonomous aircraft



new technologies tested on our 2021 ecoDemonstrator that can make flying safer and more sustainable


gallons (7.6M liters) of SAF purchased for 2022 commercial operations


invested in Wisk to advance autonomous electric flight

We’ve set a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why partners like Boeing and programs like the ecoDemonstrator are so critical — to innovate and test new technologies and to work together to ensure they’re implemented and scalable. We are grateful for Boeing’s visionary leadership in setting a sustainable course for aviation.”

Diana Birkett Rakow

Diana Birkett Rakow
Alaska Airlines Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Sustainability


Responsible and Resilient

It’s not just what we do — it’s also how we do it. We strive to operate sustainably and engage transparently on behalf of our customers and stakeholders.

Read more about our operations in the full report, including:

  • Enterprise quality
  • Climate action
  • Environmentally responsible operations
  • Environmental compliance and biodiversity
  • Responsible supply chain
  • Data privacy and information security



Sustainable Operations

We are working to maintain a net-zero future for Boeing operations (Scope 1 and 2) through conservation and renewable energy.

2030 Target

  • 55% absolute reduction in Scope 1 and 2 GHG from 2017 baseline
  • Maintain net-zero emissions for Scope 1 and 2
  • Achieve 100% renewable electricity

We partner with our supply chain for responsible business practices.

2030 Target

  • Work with our suppliers to increase GHG reporting and proactively address climate change-driven risks



reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from Boeing operations since 2017


employee actions recorded for over a month in support of 60 Seconds for the Environment program


renewable electricity in 2021 on our path to 100% in 2030


years in a row, EPA ENERGY STAR named us a Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence

Many of the sustainability and environmental challenges we face are definitely huge in scale, but everyone at Boeing can — and should — contribute to the solution. You can figure out what single action you are going to take with the options you have and take action today, tomorrow and in the future.”

Kristin Marshall

Kristin Marshall
Boeing’s 2021 Environment Champion


Purposeful Partnerships

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement and advocacy efforts, Boeing supports partnerships and programs that align with our business, create value and help build better communities worldwide.

Read more about our communities in the full report, including:

  • Community engagement
  • Our heroes
  • Our future
  • Our homes



Community Engagement

We are building better, more equitable communities through corporate investments, employee engagement programs and advocacy efforts.

2030 Target

Expand opportunities for more than 12.5 million youth, veterans, veterans’ families and underserved individuals across communities around the world.



in Boeing community investments over the last 10 years


toward racial equity & social justice since 2020


in community investments in 2021


contributed by Boeing employees to charitable causes in 2021

There are not enough words to thank Boeing for what I’ve been able to get out here. It’s not just the physical; it’s the emotional — it’s the changes in me as a person and the changes in my family.”

Retired U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army 1st Lt. Ellie Kennedy

Ellie Kennedy, retired U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army 1st Lt. and Adaptive Training Foundation Participant


All data within Key ESG Data, GRI, SASB and TCFD indexes is for the period from Jan. 1, 2021, through Dec. 31, 2021, unless otherwise noted.

Key ESG Data

GRI Index

SASB Index

TCFD Index

U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

Awards and Recognition; Memberships and Partnerships

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